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Zespół Zamkowo – Parkowy Krasiczyn Zespół Zamkowo – Parkowy Krasiczyn

Hotel „Zamkowy” in Krasiczyn offers you 94 accommodation places in single, double, and triple rooms, as well as in rooms with a higher standard (50 rooms), which are located in several buildings within the historic park: the Carriage House, the Castle, the Swiss Pavilion, and the Hunting Pavilion.

The historic Carriage House, adapted for hotel purposes, creates an incredibly charming and functional base, equipped with everything necessary to provide high-quality hotel services. It has 63 accommodation places. Guests particularly enjoy two rooms with a higher standard: the „Prince” room, with a beautiful view of the park, and the „Quiet Corner” room, with a view of the hotel patio with a fountain.

In the northern wing of the 16th-century Castle, six hotel rooms have been arranged to provide guests with a truly royal style of relaxation. From the rooms in the Castle, you can admire the magnificent Castle Courtyard, whose wings are covered with a unique, world-class sgraffito decoration, and the fairytale scenery of the Castle, beautifully illuminated at night, captivates and enchants.

Swiss Pavilion: a 17th-century building. It has 11 accommodation places. Staying in the pavilion is a charming and mysterious adventure because, after midnight, you can meet the spirit of the Castle – Zosieńka. A beautiful, tragically in love girl, whose legends have been passed down in Krasiczyn for generations. The pavilion is surrounded by blooming jasmine in June, the scent of which intoxicates the senses.

Hunting Pavilion: a hunting-style villa nestled in Krasiczyński Park, with 5 places. It has extraordinary advantages: 3 bedrooms, a hunting lounge with a fireplace, two bathrooms equipped with jacuzzi, a fully equipped kitchen, a private garden with a gazebo, parking, and a garden fireplace. It is an ideal place for creative or scientific work, relaxation, and meetings with friends. In the light of the setting sun, by the garden fireplace, close to nature, guests indulge in the scent of meadows, the croaking of frogs, and the clatter of storks – the permanent residents of Krasiczyn.

In the Hunting and Swiss Pavilions, guests can stay with their four-legged friends. The price of accommodation includes breakfast, parking, and WiFi.

We recommend:
– romantic, weekend, holiday, and festive stays
– weddings in the Renaissance castle
– conferences, business meetings
– guided tours of the castle and park
– night tours of the castle with a butler, a white lady, and tours of the castle dungeons
– knight combat shows
– New Year’s Eve and carnival balls
– trips to the historic city of Przemyśl, the Bieszczady Mountains, or Lviv.

The Zamkowo-Parkowy complex in Krasiczyn is a unique place worth visiting.
We invite you!

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Zespół Zamkowo – Parkowy Krasiczyn

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Krasiczyn 179, 37-741 Krasiczyn

woj. Podkarpackie, Polska

phone 166718321

phone 166718316


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